Senior Catalog Associate – Japanese


Job Profile – Sr. Catalog Associate – Retail Business Services (RBS) operates in a virtual, global ecommerce environment without boundaries, and operates a diverse set of businesses in fourteen countries, including Retail, third party marketplaces, ecommerce platforms, web services for developers.
The RBS group is an integral part of Amazon online product lifecycle and buying operations. The team is designed to ensure products’ buyability in Amazon website. The tasks handled by this group have a direct impact on customer buying decisions and online user experience.
The Sr. Catalog Associate is an important role in this team. In this role, the individual works with program manager to perform the analysis, leverage effective support, launch many new tasks. Meanwhile, he/she is expected to identify improvement opportunities within existing process optimization, automation. These tasks include (but are not limited to) populating/procuring content for the product catalogs on the Amazon Web Site, interacting/coordinating with vendors/manufacturers, identifying and correcting errors/complaints, maintaining records of work received and work performed. The individual is expected to perform these tasks by using fair judgment in understanding instructions provided by the Process Lead/Manager.
Roles and Responsibilities:
· Handle the day-to-day volumes of the assigned tasks and ensure the given SLAs (Service Level Agreement) are met per quality standards.
· Maintain records of day-to-day work by updating trackers to reflect work done.
· If there is a possible default on SLAs (Service Level Agreement) or quality, flag the escalation in time to the manager or lead.
· Communicate with JP retail team via business mail and phone call, collect business requirements and reflect on daily operation to improve catalog service and customer online experience.
· Communicate with Chennai and RO program team via business mail and phone call to do the information exchange.


· Excellent written and reading and oral skills in Japanese, and English
· Good communication skills – ability to communicate with internal/external stakeholders clearly and concisely
· Basic MS Excel skills. Eg. data entry/filter/common formula/pivot table.
· Familiarity with navigating the internet – research techniques on the internet and finding required information quickly
· Ability to dive deep into a problem, perform ‘Root Cause Analysis’ and identify constraints to recommend a solution
· Fast learner
· Ability to work under pressure with high volume workloads or complex circumstances, comply with Service Level Agreement is also required
· Enable work during weekends and holidays


· College degree or above, with oversea experience or work experience in Japanese is preferred
· Fair listening and speaking skills in English
· 1 – 2 years of experience in data-driven business operations processes – BPOs, Operations processes where associates are required to handle large volume of data as part of their daily tasks and take decisions based on analysis of such data
· Experience working on process improvement processes like Kaizen etc. is a plus
· Excellent MS Excel skills– ability to mine voluminous data for specific detail according to instructions provided